Who signed Referendum 71?

The names and addresses represented on this website were collected by Protect Marriage Washington as part of the referendum process and submitted by them to the Elections Division of the Washington Secretary of State. This information is part of the public record and were provided to WhoSigned.org by Washington's Secretary of State, Sam Reed, through Public Record requests under RCW 42.56. 070.

WhoSigned.org presents this data as transcribed and transferred from the petition records provided by Secretary Reed and is not responsible or liable for the correctness of the list's content including correct spelling, correct or current corresponding addresses, or authenticity.

Who do you know who may have signed?

Coming soon: A Facebook application that helps you find people in your friend list who may have signed Referendum 71.

Are you a victim of Petition Fraud?

If your name is listed and you believe you were a victim of petition fraud, fill out the Fraud Affidavit Form (pdf). Send completed affidavits to WhoSigned.org here.

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Note: Using lists of individuals or directory information for Washington public records provided on this site for commercial purposes is prohibited under RCW 42.56. 070(9). In the absence of a statutory definition of "commercial purposes" the Attorney General of Washington views the prohibition as being broad in it's application given that "(t)here is nothing contained in the Act that distinguishes between different types of commercial purposes."